Sunday, November 29, 2015

Breakfast in La Union - Stop over in San Fernando City

San Fernando City - Town Plaza courtTwo days after I landed in Manila, my family and I went on a road trip to the northern part of the Luzon island. 

We stopped to get a quick breakfast in San Fernando City in the province of La Union. Afterward, I took a quick look of the town plaza. 

Traffic from Manila was not bad at all. We reached San Fernando City before 6 oclock in the morning. The only place that was open that early was McDonald's so to McDonald's we went for breakfast.
San Fernando City - Quezon Ave

Across from McDonald's is  the town's main plaza. After our breakfast, I crossed the street to check out the plaza. There are signs welcoming visitors to the city. The town was still waking up on an early Tuesday morning.

My mom has roots in San Fernando. We used to come here when I was little. The last time I was here I was 11 years old but I don't remember this plaza at all.
  San Fernando City - Town Plaza and church

The main plaza is like an amphitheatre slash basketball court. There is an area with columns that is in the middle of one the sides of the plaza. I imagine this is used as a stage when an event takes place here. There is a small park next to it.
  San Fernando City - Town Plaza

Directly across from it is another structure more like a gate and then a church is next to it. I also see a big sign on the far end that says Christ The King College. 
  San Fernando City - Town Plaza view San Fernando City - St. William Cathedral

Mijo, Roberto, my sister and I started walking toward the church. There was a mass going on. We didn't have time to sit through the mass but I stood for a couple of minutes of silence.
  San Fernando City - St. William Cathedral mass

I don't know how much of San Fernando has changed through the years. I would like to explore this part of the country one of these days. I am glad I crossed the street during our stop over.


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