Friday, January 04, 2013

Eating my way through Manila - Two weeks of delicious meals and snacks

Phuket - islandI go back to Manila at least once a year to see my mom and the entire family and friends and I've been doing it for over 15 years now. Manila is changing at a fast pace and I like what I am rediscovering each year. For one thing, there are more restaurants and places to eat now than before and they serve truly good food.

For two weeks, I tried to take pictures of what I ate while I was in Manila. This blog contains twentyfive savory meals, desserts and drinks I sampled with Mijo, with my family and friends. Enjoy!

Eating in Manila - Halo halo
Halo-halo at Razon's of Guagua. 
This is my mom's favorite. Two years ago, she insisted that I try  the halo-halo at Razon's of Guagua because it is the creamiest halo halo in the city. The shaved ice they use is also the most porous, powdery and not compact at all. My mom absolutely convinced me. Since then, I try to get my halo halo fix at Razon's when I'm in town.

Eating in Manila - Bbq Chicken
Chicken barbeque at Mang Inasal.
This is another one that my mom has been raving about - Chicken Barbecue at Mang Inasal. We ordered these barbeque chicken legs one of the evenings I stayed at her place in Novaliches. These chicken barbecue are the tastiest ones I've had in years. The spiced soy sauce they provide is the perfect condiment.
[photo taken by Kaye of Timeless Confection]

Eating in Manila - Arroz Caldo
Goto at GOTO King.
My trip is not complete without eating this congee with a Filipino twist called Arroz Caldo or Goto. Of course, I had to try the ones served at GOTO King. The best!

Eating in Manila - Pinoy breakfast
Longsilog at Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 3.
I was pleasantly surprised about this breakfast plate they serve at Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 5. I call it a high end Longsilog (longaniza, garlic fried rice and eggs). At least, it looks like highend because of the presentation. The longaniza is from the province of Vigan which is my favorite since I was a small kid. The fried rice is also infused with the rosemary herb. It is different and yet still garlicky. Super delicious food and I like the attention to detail!

Eating in Manila - Bean Curd and tapioca
Taho at SM Makati.
My mom wouldn't let me buy a taho or soy bean curd with caramel and tapioca from her local taho street vendor. She warned me that the places where they make these tasty snacks are unsanitary. So what I do is go to SM Makati and get my taho there!  It is as good as the ones sold on the streets. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Eating in Manila - Fruits
Select fresh fruits.
These fruits are hard to find in San Francisco so I look for them when I'm in Manila. They are locally known as guyabano, chico and lanzones.

Eating in Manila - Sambokojin
Lunch buffet at Sambo Kojin.
This was taken at Sambo Kojin in Quezon City. This buffet place boasts of smokeless grills and super clean facilities. I went here with my mom and the entire family. The rice they serve is Korean style. I would go there again.

Eating in Manila - San Miguel Pale Pilsen
This San Miguel beer was so refreshing! Can I say the best beer ever? :)

Eating in Manila - Eggplant
Grilled talong or eggplant.
We also got these grilled eggplants from Mang Inasal. This is another winner. The perfectly grilled eggplants and the garnishings were super tasty.
[photo taken by Kaye of Timeless Confection]

Eating in Manila - Agogo Banana
Ago-go Banana.
This is called Ago-go banana or sweetened plantains with evaporated milk and shaved ice. I don't usually see this on the menu at restaurants. This is why I ordered it as soon as I saw it in Goto King.

Eating in Manila - Lumpiang Shanghai
Lumpiang Shanghai at Abe Restaurant.
This is a designer fried lumpias or commonly known as Lumpiang Shanghai. The spiced sauce they serve at Abe - Where Good Friends Dine is a well balanced vinegar sauce. Tasty without being too spicy or too sweet.

Eating in Manila - Dalandan juice
Daladan juice.
This dalandan juice is perfect during a hot and humid day. I got this one from Figaro Coffee Company in Fort Bonifacio.

Eating in Manila - Alba
Dinner Buffet at Alba Restaurante.
My mom, the entire family, Mijo and I went to Alba Restaurant in Quezon City for a Spanish dinner buffet. The selection was very good which included tapas, bocadillos, paellas, callos and more.

Eating in Manila - Sardines
Sardines at Barcino.
Did you know that sardines have the lowest mercury content among other fish? This is why this fish is popular in the San Francisco Bay Area. I ordered these sardines at Barcino wine bar in Greenbelt 5.

Eating in Manila - Croquetas
Croquetas at Barcino.
We headed back to Barcino in Greenbelt 5 for a midday snack of croquetas...

Eating in Manila - Tempranillo
... and a bottle of 2011 Fontal Roble Tempranillo.

Eating in Manila - Squid
Squid at Abe Restaurant.
These tiny squids are the tastiest squids ever. I can eat a single squid and then follow it with at least three spoons of rice. It was that tasty. We ordered this at Abe Restaurant in Trinoma.

Eating in Manila - Ice cream
Magnolia Ice Cream.
My brother Randy and sis-in-law (and popular Manila blogger) Kaye brought these Magnolia ice cream to my mom's house. The one on the right is Durian Pastillas. The other one on the left is Mangoes and Cream. They were both very good and creamy with exotic tropical flavors I love.
[photo taken by Kaye of Timeless Confection]

Eating in Manila - Sisig
Sisig at Abe Restaurant.
Of course, Sisig or chopped pork meat is a must on a Filipino table. We ordered this at Abe Restaurant in Trinoma.

Eating in Manila - Crepe
Crepe at Cafe Breton.
We ordered this banana nutella strawberry crepe at Cafe Breton in Greenbelt 5. Perfect with a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Eating in Manila - Coffee
Coffee at Figaro.
Speaking of coffee, we always enjoy a cup of coffee at Figaro Coffee Company. We also bought two bags of whole bean coffee that we brought with us back to San Francisco.

Eating in Manila - San Miguel light
This is San Miguel, the best beer!

Eating in Manila - Dinuguan
This is dinuguan or pork stew in pork blood. It is an acquired taste. :)

Eating in Manila - Binukadkad na Plapla
This is called Binukadkad na pla-pla. Crunchy, tasty and perfect with steaming rice.

Eating in Manila - Jollibee
And my vacation won't be complete without a Longsilog at either McDonald's or Jollibee.

I am already missing Manila just by blogging the food I eat there. If you happen to be in Manila, be adventurous to try out the food available in the Metro. Just like what the local Manilenos say, if you run out of food options in Manila, it is your fault.



Timeless Confection said...

amazing post! truth is, i'm salivating right now...hindi ko alam na may saba con yelo pala sa gotoking...i should try that!!! :) thanks for treating us, ha? you're the best! :):):)

Roland Luistro said...

thanks for dropping by kaye. the manila food scene rocks! we should all do the outdoor food markets in makati next time. :)