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Life is a Beach - Relaxing in Phuket and Phi Phi Islands

Phuket - island We were in Thailand in the later part of November because we got an invite from our friends A&M to come visit them in Amphawa for the Loy Krathong or Festival of Lights. Before we went to Amphawa, Mijo and I took a detour and decided to check out the  country's most famous beaches.

We didn't only enjoy a relaxing getaway, we also enjoyed the picturesque views of the islands. Check them out here.

Phuket - South of Patong Beach
In Phuket, we stayed around the Patong beach area. This is a view from the southern part of Patong beach which is also fronting the Amari Coral Beach Hotel where we stayed at while in Phuket. 

Phuket - Amari Coral Beach Hotel lobby 
Patong can be crazy and noisy but this part of the beach is tranquil and perfect for relaxing and yet it is just 5 to 10 minute walk to the main areas of Patong. This is the view from the hotel lobby.

  Phuket - Amari Coral Beach hotel beachfront
Here is another view of the beach front of the Amari Coral Beach hotel. According to locals we talked to, this part of the island is not as badly destroyed by the tsunami of 2004 compared to the other beaches north from here.

Phuket - Bangla Road 
Whenever we craved for a pulsating nightlife or a lively dinner, we headed to the main areas of Patong beach. This is Bangla Road which is dotted with places to eat, drink and shop.

Phi Phi Islands - Pileh Cove
One day, we took a fast ferry to see the Phi Phi Dom and Phi Phi Ley islands. Phileh Cove was our first stop. The boat stopped here and we enjoyed a refreshing dip in this protected cove.

Phi Phi Islands - Monkey beach
Our second stop was Monkey beach. This is a view when we were approaching the beach.

Phi Phi Islands - Monkey Beach
This is Monkey Beach upclose. We were given bananas to feed the monkeys residing in the beach. I noticed some of the monkeys were rather agressive.

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Bay
Next stop was Maya Beach.  I couldn't see the beach because of the tons of boats anchored around it. It seems very popular.

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Beach
Maya Beach has powdery white sand very much like Boracay. This is a great place to relax only if could stay here longer and minus the multitudes of tourists.

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Bay
One cannot escape this view of the Maya Bay from the Maya Beach. Isn't this so beautiful?

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Beach
Finally, I found the edge of the beach. These lime stone formations are dramatic!

Phi Phi Islands - Maya Beach
We were given more time to linger so we decided to take a dip. Maya Beach is overwhelmed with tourists.

Phi Phi Islands - Buffet lunch
After lots of swimming, it was time for lunch.

Phi Phi Islands - Boats
Our boat was anchored far away from the beach so we had to wade our way back to the boat. The lunch was delicious!

Phi Phi Islands - Bamboo Island
After the heavy lunch, it was time for siesta. Our last stop was Bamboo Island and this is where we will stay longer. Nap time!

Phi Phi Islands - Bamboo island beach
Burn off the heavy lunch by walking the length of the beach from one end to the other and back.
I can hardly notice the large number of tourists because of the size of the island. We had a relaxing time here.

Phi Phi Islands - Back to Phuket
We were headed back to Phuket. Bye bye Phi Phi.

Phuket - Big Buddha
Phuket is a big island so naturally there will be places to checkout and landmarks to see. One of them is this big marble facade Buddha located in the middle part of the island. There are stairs leading to the base of the Big Buddha by going through the museum slash gift shop.

Phuket - Chalong Temple
Another impressive place to see is the Chalong temple. This complex is composed of several beautiful and ornate temples. We got here one late afternoon so hardly anyone was there at the time.

Phuket - Kata View Point
This is the view from Kata View Point. Kata beach is the southernmost beach in Phuket.

Phuket - Massage
Massage places dot Patong beach. Some of them have interesting names. Of course, lots of relaxing massage equals happy life.

Phuket - Mall
This is the biggest mall in Phuket called Jung Ceylon. We came here to look for souvenirs and for some good iced coffee. 

Here are the some of the delicious meals we had in Phuket...
Phuket - Spicy Fish
Spicy fish with lots of garlic, onions, black pepper, and chilli pepper.

Phuket - Congee
This is a congee with a Thai twist. I had this at the breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Phuket - Mango and Sticky Rice
Mango with sticky rice. The great thing about this is the extra sweet coconut milk on the side.

Phuket - Singha beer
This is the local beer.

Phuket - Crepe
Mijo's favorite - sidewalk crepe!

Phuket - Thai sweets
When we went to old town Phuket, I chanced upon this snack store. I bought a couple of sweets. When we went back to the hotel, I discovered the cookies were sweet but very spicy.  Wow!

Phuket - Airport
Phuket and Phi Phi were relaxing.  Next, we're off to Bangkok and Amphawa!  

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