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Life is a beach - Back in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera - Sand sign bwPuerto Galera was our next logical destination from Sibale island. It is only a few hours from the Port of Calapan.

It was great to be back to this place even if it was just for a very short time.

After a relaxing few days in Sibale island, it was time to leave. We left Sibale early in the morning and got to Pinamalayan in Mindoro island two hours later. 

From Pinamalayan, we took a van to the Port of Calapan. My brothers continued their way back to Manila via Batangas while my sister Ren, cousin Harvey and I decided to spend overnight in Puerto Galera just because we have an extra day to spare and my sister has not been there.

Puerto Galera is a beach town in the Mindoro island and can be reached easily within two hours from the Port of Calapan. I've been to Puerto Galera in 2004 with Mijo and we both liked it because of its rustic feel. It is rustic but not too rural because there are restaurants, stores and places to drink.

We got to PG in the afternoon and we easily found an accommodation at the White Beach Hotel. We all took a quick nap while it was still hot outside. It was already dusk by the time we stepped out of the hotel. 

Puerto Galera - Beach at dusk 

The sunset was a pretty sight. We walked from the hotel to the south  west end of the beach and all the way to the other end. It was an easy and relaxing stroll. Even though the Lent or Holy Week was still a week away, I could the tell there were a lot of people on the beach that day.
Puerto Galera - Beach  sunset 

Puerto Galera has changed a lot from the last time I was here. A lot more stores and restaurants and hotels. Good for business, bad for the environment. 

We finally decided we'll get dinner at this food park style area at the Las Villas de Natividad. Pop music was blaring on the speakers. This was the part where started reminiscing about the last few days of our Sibale trip.
Puerto Galera - Las Villas de Natividad food court

We started with this eggplant salad and we each ordered a San Miguel beer. Flavored beer for my sister, San Mig light for Harvey, San Miguel pale pilsen for me.
Puerto Galera - San Miguel beer

I decided to get a grilled squid, Harvey a beef kebab, my sis Ren a pork kebab. The concoction of soy sauce, chili and calamansi a dipping sauce was perfect. Just as how the food was a great combination, the chemistry between the three of us is great because we talked and talked for hours.
Puerto Galera - Dinner

After our dinner, we moved to this bar near the restaurant. My sis and cousin Harvey decided to get this entire pitcher of Mindoro Sling. Mindoro sling consists of rum, mango nectar juice, orange syrup, calamansi syrup, grenadine and Sprite.
Puerto Galera - Mindoro Sling

I'm actually impressed with this drink. Refreshing and not too much alcohol though my sister insisted it was spiked. A few moments later, I poured the remaining cocktails into our plastic cups and moved to the beach to be closer to the water. I once again started asking my cousin Harvey some more questions about our cousins and this is where I completed my grand uncle Jose's line of the family. Two down, two more great uncles to go. I just need to track down a cousin from each of the remaining grand uncles in my list.
Puerto Galera - Beach fire dancing

People were strolling on the beach and taking a selfie with this beach sand sculpture of Puerto Galera. Then suddenly, there was an earthquake. It was the first time I experienced an earthquake while on the beach. We closely monitored the water by the beach for a tsunami. That was a bit scary.
Puerto Galera - Galera sign night 

The next day, we strolled again on the beach.
Puerto Galera - Making of Galera sign

My sis Ren took us on a treat and got us these soft bean curd. Cheers, campay, chin chin, salud!

(Thanks, sis Ren!)
Puerto Galera - Cousins bean curd 

Here's my breakfast consisted of marinated fish (called daing na bangus), dried salted fish (locally known as tuyo) and garlic fried rice (locally known as sinangag).
Puerto Galera - Breakfast

My cousin Harvey bought us a 'Luistro cousins friendship bracelets' from a vendor selling these cute bracelets. (Thanks, Harvey!)
Puerto Galera - Cousins bracelet

To burn off what we ate, we went into the water and stayed in the water the whole morning. We really couldn't do any site seeing around the area because we were checking out at noon that day.
Puerto Galera - White Beach morning 

I strolled the entire length of the beach once again while my sis Ren and cousin Harvey were getting a massage by the beach. Massages by the beach cost around $3 for 30 mins.
Puerto Galera - Galera other end

The beach was lively. I saw lots of activities during my stroll. There were several Westerners playing beach volleyball.
Puerto Galera - Beach sports

Banana boating sounded like a great idea but maybe next time?
Puerto Galera - Banana boat

I love PG sign. This was not here when I visited in 2004.
Puerto Galera - Pan

Harvey treated us to a refreshing fruit shakes. (Thanks, cousin!) I had a mango with watermelon. That tasted like summer!
Puerto Galera - Restaurant day 

 Puerto Galera - Fruit shake

The sun was up that day. I wanted to stay for one more night but I needed to run some errands in the city before I flew back to the States.
Puerto Galera - Nice weather 

Puerto Galera - Beach front 

Our boat going back to Batangas.
Puerto Galera - Batangas bound

The boat ride to Batangas was serene. Lots of resorts near White Beach. I'm not sure if this is 
Coco beach resort.
 Puerto Galera - More beach 

Sabang beach looks very built up now.
Puerto Galera - Sabang

However short our stay in Puerto Galera may be, we had a great time just hanging out and enough time to whet our appetite for more beach time and sunshine.


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