Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pinoy in India - My unforgettable trip to Delhi

Delhi - Humayuns Tomb detailsAfter my trip to Bangalore, Mijo and I flew to Delhi and made the city our base from where we'd go to Jaipur and Agra as day trips.

On our last day in India, we site see around Delhi and discovered a city filled with monuments, landmarks, historical buildings and shopping areas.

We flew from Bangalore to Delhi via Air India. The service was super friendly and the food is delicious. I chose the Indian food option and they gave me alot. I don't have a picture of their different pakoras. They gave me those before the main meal. Delicious! 
Air India - Meal

We didn't have time to walk around the airport after we landed but what I saw on my way to the luggage carousels are site that I enjoyed. Lots of natural lighting. Lots of Indian artistry. The airport truly tells me "Welcome to India".
  Delhi - Airport walls 
Delhi - Airport views  Delhi - Airport Surya sculpture Delhi - Airport Surya sculpture back 

We arrived in Delhi at noon time. From the cab, I got my first glimpse of the city. Lots of hussle and bussle.
Delhi - Rajpath

This is the India Gate.  It is a massive arch landmark. On my map, lots of roads lead to India Gate. We stayed around the Connaught Place (CP) area of the city.
  Delhi - India Gate 

Lots of beautiful monuments and buildings in the city.
Here are the scenes I took from a massive mosque called Jama Masjid. There is a 'photo fee' per camera so we only brought our iPhones with us. I usually bring another camera with me just because it takes better picture. Because we were visiting a place of worship, we had to take off our foot wear. 
  Delhi - Jama Masjid 
Delhi - Jama Masjid stairs Delhi - Jama Masjid shoes Delhi - Jama Masjid prayers 
Delhi - Jama Masjid gate Delhi - Jama Masjid door 

This place is a haven for photographers. Lots of views with symmetry and natureal lighting.
  Delhi - Jama Masjid columns 
Delhi - Jama Masjid gate Delhi - Jama Masjid door 

Here are the scenes I captured from my visit to Humayun's Tomb. I almost cannot hear the hussle and bussle of the city from inside the complex.
  Delhi - Humayuns Tomb gate frame 

I noticed right away the similarities between this place and the Taj Mahal.
  Delhi - Humayuns Tomb 
Delhi - Humayuns Tomb gate structure Delhi - Humayuns Tomb gate Delhi - Humayuns Tomb gate view 
Delhi - Humayuns Tomb inside Delhi - Humayuns Tomb facade Delhi - Humayuns Tomb facade another 

The details are amazing.
Delhi - Humayuns Tomb latticed window 
Delhi - Humayuns Tomb details Delhi - Humayuns Tomb entrance

Here's a government building.
Delhi - Central secretariat 

Connaught Place is a great place for shopping. Look at the details of the outfit.
Delhi - Connaught Place shopping 

Mijo and I also had time to check out the spice markets in the city. We also tried their delicious masala teas.
  Delhi - Bazaar spices 
Delhi - Bazaar cab Delhi - Bazaar nuts fruits Delhi - Bazaar flowers 
Delhi - Bazaar cinnamon cardamon clove Delhi - Bazaar chai tea 

Starbucks is popular among the locals. Here's the scene at Starbucks in Connaught Place.
  Delhi - Connaught Place Starbucks 
Delhi - Connaught Place Starbucks crowd Delhi - Connaught Place Starbucks mug 

My site seeing in Delhi came in last after my visits to Bangalore, Jaipur and Agra. One difference I noticed is the Biryani. The Biryani in Delhi is layered. It equally tasty and delicious. 
  Delhi - Bikkgane Biryani biryani 
Delhi - Bikkgane Biryani Delhi - Bikkgane Biryani breath freshner 

I checked out the local KFC and ordered this spicy chicken with a side of Biryani. I loved it!
  Delhi - KFC snack box 

In Connaught Place, there is this place that sells cookies and confectionery called Wenger's. 
  Delhi - Wengers 

I tried this spicy Lays and the flavor is called India's Magic Masala.
  Delhi - Lays Indias Magic Masala

I only had less than a day to see Delhi. I will definitely go back to checkout some more of its landmarks when I get a chance to go back to India.


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